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Delmarva Whiskey Club: Saint Patrick's Day Golf & Dinner Outing

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

When Kevin Clover first moved to Delmarva he had been seeking a local whiskey club to join, however he was unable to find one. Kevin started the Delmarva Whiskey Club to fulfill this need. It was founded in 2013 with four members and it has since grown to 93 members because "whiskey always tastes better when sharing a drink with other whiskey fans". They have been holding an annual charity golf and dinner event that supports wounded veteran causes for 8 years. Their main cause is Semper K9 which is an organization that trains rescue dogs as service animals and donates those dogs to wounded veterans. Training a service animal costs $20,000 and that is the goal for what has become the Delmarva Saint Patricks Day Golf and Dinner Outing. One of Kevins' favorite parts of the Delmarva Whiskey Club is seeing the veterans play golf. Some of them have recovered from severe wounds and it is nice to see them continue doing something they enjoy. It is also fun to see others playing golf for the first time with their families and having fun. You can learn more about the Delmarva Whiskey Club and sign up for the March 19th St. Patrick's Day event at

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