The Lady Behind The Curtain

The Town of Bethany Beach is a small, quaint resort that offers oodles of family-friendly fun...what kind of fun you ask? Lots of free entertainment and activities good for all ages during the summer things like popular movies on the beach, bonfires with s’mores and performances of all kinds at the bandstand (and some in town hall). Phew! That’s!! Especially because it all comes together and happens so seamlessly – at least for those of us who get to enjoy all these memorable beach events without having to pay for them. So, how does it all happen? Who is this magical wizardress behind the curtain? Meet Julie Malewski...

Julie Malewski became the Events Director and Media Coordinator for the Town of Bethany Beach 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back. Her love of our awesome beach town began about 15 years ago when she was on the ‘front lines’ as part of Jesse Garron’s Elivis Tribute Band – yeah, she’s a performer too. When the position became available, Julie jumped at the chance to take what she knew as a performer, band manager and advertising guru to work for the town. And she has done that with great success! From a few Facebook followers and some local performances during the summer season to almost 12K followers and national acts performing regularly on our bandstand, Julie IS the lady behind the curtain. Not only did she ramp up the caliber and quantity of performers, she also created and manages the weekly movies and bonfires AND has made the town’s annual events flourish and prosper.

Julie is an amazing person...there's so much more about her and what she does! So, stay tuned because we’ll have an in-depth bio about Julie – who she is, where she’s from, what she’s like and all that she does…everything YOU need to know about the Lady Behind The Curtain!

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