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Welcome to the FIRST Bethany Bites! There are so many awesome restaurants in Bethany Beach (and beyond) that we thought it’d be cool to create this new segment for you to let you know about them – each and every one! In honor of this being the first, we figured we’d feature one of our newbie restaurants in Bethany Beach, Heidaway, who had their soft opening recently.

Heidaway’s reason for being? Fresh, local food that’s *gasp* healthy and delicious – and it actually is! They are all about supporting local businesses and community-driven partnerships. In fact, a lot of their food comes from businesses within 10 miles of the restaurant. That’s pretty damn cool – for us, for the restaurant, and for our local businesses. We LOVE that!

We left one of our favorite cocktail places to walk up the boards and under Mango’s to get to Heidaway. Gotta say, they have a really cool vibe – city chic meets laid-back beach with an open air, minimalist design. The outdoor palms, hanging chairs and superbly massive surfer mural (just like Marnie Oursler’s since she’s the one who styled the place) behind the awesomely tiled bar inside really make you want to be there.

Speaking of the bar (we do like our drinks), craft cocktail master, Chris, was a busy, busy man so we kept things simple with our drink order (wine) but are eagerly looking forward to trying his Elderflower Rose concoction (it’s a freezy drink!) very, very soon.

Foodwise, the attentive and super-friendly staff was serving small plate samples of some of the dishes from their menu that included roasted beet dip on sliced cucumbers, rosemary fries with horseradish dipping sauce, ahi tuna & avocado salad, onion dijon portobella sandwich and their Heidaway burger.

The beet dip: They say that beets are super good for you and whether or not you like them, you’ll like this beet dip – seriously. It’s like a cool spring morning in your mouth, especially when paired with the cucumber slice…one of our companions doesn’t like cucumbers (weird, right?) but couldn’t get enough of this pairing!

The fries: These were NOT beach fries, thankfully, since there are already plenty of choices around for those. No, these were really good finger fries…not at all oily, but light, crisp (soft inside) and flavorful. And, with the rosemary on them, when you dip them in the creamy horseradish sauce (which isn’t at all ‘horseradishy’...very subtle), they’re really quite good.

The tuna & avocado: Holy moly this was good! The tuna was super fresh, the avocado salad made us feel like it had literally just been picked from the tree. And, it was all on a deliciously crispy wonton that didn’t kill the roof of our mouths when we bit into it. It was a definite fan-fave at our table.

The portobella sammie: This was a really great sandwich…the portobella was sautéed juuuust right (not burned, not underdone) in a marinade (a balsamic/dijon mustard mash-up) that was super tasty. It came with caramelized onions and a maple dijon mayo on a poppy seed onion roll…and someone in our party licked the plate clean – just sayin’!

The burger: This. This burger. It was our personal overall fave and we’re salivating as we type. The main reason for greatness? The meat that comes from local farm Reid Angus in Frankford. Wow was it fantastic – true depth of flavor – you knew you were eating a real burger! And the rest of it? Well, it came with cheddar cheese, tomato, onion and a special sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun. Sounding kinda familiar to you? Well, this one at Heidaway blows that other one out of the water hands down, without question (not even comparable really). One of the best burgers we’ve had at the beach. Seriously.

It’s your turn. Check out Heidaway and let us know what you think! They’re open Friday through Sunday now through the week before Memorial Day, and we’ll be heading back soon to try some crafty cocktails and dinner…we’ll let you know how that goes!

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