Meet Local Author Joanne Guilfoil

Joanne Guilfoil, lover of all things Delmarva and author of ‘Flying Over Delmarva’, has been coming to the beach since the 60s. While waiting for surfable waves, she became curious about the planes flying overhead. Enter Rob Danzi, high school friend and plane mechanic at Sussex Aero Maintenance. Joanne started volunteering there, doing all sorts of odds and ends (including pushing planes!), and getting to know the pilots of the banner planes and crop dusters (now called aerial applicators). She can even fly a bit and loves to fly in the right-hand seat! As Joanne’s fascination with these planes grew, so did her passion, which she turned into a book filled with amazing stories and photos about these pilots and their planes.

While all the stories are special, one of Joanne’s favorites is about a plane called the ‘Great Lakes’. This open cockpit plane was taken care of by Paul Ennis, a former aviation instructor and the grandfather of Delmarva aviation. Later he and his wife, Ellie, devoted themselves to completely rebuilding the plane. Another favorite focuses on Calvin Peacock, pilot of the WWII North American B25 bomber (located in Georgetown), Paul Ennis and their private flying club. You’ll have to read the book for the full stories 😉.

While having vacationed here for decades, one of Joanne’s favorite memories is spending a week in Bethany Beach with her college roommate and family. The quiet serenity spoke to her and has stayed with her, creating a life-long friendship 40 years strong. Those memories were so great, that, coming soon, is her newest title, ‘Bethany Beach ABCs’ (we’ll keep you posted on updates for release/signings). And, she still loves attending the Fourth of July parade!

Joanne was finally able to fulfill her dream of moving to the beach about 7 years ago when she retired from Eastern Kentucky University as an art education professor. She spends her time teaching art in Berlin and Ocean City, painting, gardening, volunteering and writing. Her books include ‘Flying Over Delmarva’, two companion books for younger aviation enthusiasts – one for pre-readers called ‘The ABCs of Flying Over Delmarva’ and an activity book for school-aged children called ‘Flying Over Delmarva A – Z’ – ‘Berlin ABCs’ and, coming soon, ‘Bethany Beach ABCs’.

Whether you’re a fan of aviation, local lore/history or like amazing photography, don’t miss out on these singular Delmarva books! You can find out more about Joanne in Coastal Style Magazine’s article and through Shore Books, LLC.

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