Annual Kids Fishing Tournament Fundraiser

NOTE: This is an annual event, so if you missed this year's tourney, add it to your calendar so you don't miss the next one!

Two fun days of fishing for the kids...and you help out a worthy non-profit at the same time? Yes! It's the Kids Catch-All Fishing Tournament.

This premiere fishing event for kids is held every June at one of the best fishing spots on the East Coast, the Indian River Marina, and the promoters always have a ton of fun in store for all that includes the following:

  • Full buffet dinners for the whole family on both nights

  • Free event t-shirt

  • Custom-made trophies

  • Door prizes, goodie bags and MORE!

Make sure you plan ahead and register here to register online.

The tournament is fundraising for the Lyme Disease Association of Delmarva, founded several years ago by two moms with sick kids who, after extensive research by those moms, were finally correctly diagnosed with lyme disease (and other tick-born illnesses). Their main goal is to educate medical practitioners and counseling professionals about the wide range of physical, behavioral and psychiatric manifestations of tick-borne diseases through attending and hosting medical conferences. In addition, they spread the word by providing speakers to civic organizations, participating in several community events throughout the year and hosting monthly educational meetings. This is actually pretty critical...why? Because THIS:

Here's an episode of Delmarva Life with one of the founders, Marilyn Williams...while older (from 2013), it's still extremely informative:

Now you know why this is important...and you can support with two days of fishing fun with your kids...go on sign up!

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