There's always something going on in our great town (or extremely close by) year-round!  We created the calendar in a weekly format; simply click on the day and then select events you're interested in.  This will open a 'pop-up' with all the details and a direct link to the event's page.  And - you can also add it to your calendar!  Check out what's coming up...

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In light of our current situation, we have deleted all events through May.  As things change, we will add them back in.  In the meantime, there are really awesome events scheduled later in the year that are worth checking out (always call or check online to confirm) and some fun online events too!  To that end, we've changed the format of our events calendar to show monthly rather than weekly so that you can find things more easily.  

If you'd like to add a local event, let us know!

Bethany Beach Events

#BeyondBethany Events

Worthy Fundraising/ Volunteer Events

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