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Snuggled up to the shore is the peaceful beach town of Bethany Beach. Known for its boardwalk and sandy beach, the area attracts tourists during the summer months but is still considered a “quiet resort” that 871 people called “home” in 2019. 

Bethany Beach is located south of Rehoboth Bay and north of Fenwick Isle. It’s just a short drive across the bridge to spend the day in Dewey Beach or Ocean City, Maryland in the opposite direction. 

Areas of South Bethany are filled with fresh seafood dining and condos along the beach. Further along the coast is North Bethany where the community feeling continues removed from the hustle and bustle of the commercial area. 

With shopping and dining galore, there is truly something in Bethany Beach for everyone. If you are looking for a relaxed community on the ocean, Bethany Beach may be just the place for you. 


Bethany Beach has an interesting past. Originally, the area was intended to be a suitable property for an annual seaside assembly for Christian churches, not exactly a town. It was inevitable that visitors would take to the beautiful coastal views on a more permanent basis. On July 12, 1901 the first building was constructed, the Tabernacle. The building was used as an auditorium for the Christian Missionary Society. The building weathered the elements for 60 years until it was eventually destroyed. 

In 1902, six businessmen from Pittsburgh bought the Bethany Beach Improvement Company and made their mark on the town by developing land year after year. 

Evidence of Bethany Beach’s history still exist around town. Markers such as the Loop Canal at Pennsylvania Ave and First Street, was built in 1910 to allow travel by boat from Rehoboth to Bethany’s train station. There are also several cottages built and lived in by the developers and their families. 

Even the popular businesses that contributed to the growth of Bethany Beach like the Seaside Inn built in the early 1900’s, Warren’s Restaurant built in 1933, and Ringler’s Theater built in 1923 are all commemorated with markers at their former locations.


The most popular attraction besides the beach is the Bethany Beach Boardwalk. There, you will find small gift shops filled with trinkets and beach gear. You can also stop for the best part: The boardwalk fries! During the summer, residents can shop at the farmer’s market on Sunday mornings and grab a bite to eat after. 

Bethany Beach is filled with unique restaurants including Patsy’s. You may have to keep an eye out for it as it's off the beaten path and easily overlooked. 

Bethany Beach has just about everything you could need for a comfortable life near the beach. Dining, shopping, and entertainment year-round accompanied with mesmerizing views of the Delaware shore.

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